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SoCal Chapter President

Certified Change Management professional experienced in leading technology and process change across the enterprise. Enthusiastic leader of cross-functional and high-performing teams in both startups and large organizations. Industry coverage: Consulting, Talent Development, E-Commerce, Travel, Wireless, Software, Financial Services, Pharma, Broadcasting, Medical Devices, Consumer Packaged Goods.



Two decades of experience in organizational change management. A leader of transformation who ensures high adoption rates and full benefits realization for significant transformational programs. Holds a Prosci® certification and a MIT Sloan certificate in organizational design for digital transformation.


Professional Development

A strategist, consultant, and researcher helping create more engaged talent and more effective workplaces. Creates inclusive, productive, and engaged work environments using practical solutions and tools for both individuals and organizations.




You'll be responsible for how we engage and partner with SoCal businesses and other local organizations. Imagine collaborating on in-person or virtual events hosted by a SoCal company(s) focusing on their change management best practices or unique approaches. It might also include providing insights and presentations on how ACMP can benefit their employees or how we can help their employees work towards their CCMP Certification.



Over 10 years of experience in public relations, corporate communications, and project management. Proven track record of building positive relationships with diverse stakeholders, working collaboratively with senior leaders, and adapting to change in complex and dynamic environments.


Marketing & Communications

Learning and Development expert with over 15 years of experience designing and implementing innovative talent strategies, driving organizational change, and managing high-performing teams across diverse industries. Passion for human performance, empathy, and creative problem-solving.


Regional Chair - Los Angeles


You'll be responsible for engaging members in the Los Angeles region. From planning local in-person social events to collaborating on hybrid or virtual offerings with other regions or chapters, you're the face of Los Angeles for the ACMP SoCal Chapter. You'll partner with the rest of the board to strategize and execute plans to grow and engage our presence in the greater Los Angeles area.




You'll be responsible for keeping our board organized and efficient! From managing our meetings with agendas and taking notes to onboarding new board members, you will work closely with all pieces of our chapter. You're also the accountability manager for the board's planning and execution of events and offerings.

Interested in Joining the Board?

We're always looking for interested members to join our board. Or maybe you just want to volunteer a specific skill to support us. Either way, just email us your interest and one of our Directors will contact you.


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