One of the most praised sessions from this year's Global Connect, brought to you as an exclusive learning opportunity for ACMP SoCal members. Please note: This session will not be recorded.

As a Change Leader, are you disconnected from your organization's innovation efforts? Is your company more invested in 'how we've always done it' than creating the future? Does your organization tout innovation yet fail to make genuine progress? If the answers to any of these is 'Yes' - this session is for you.

Design Thinking is an extraordinarily fun method for creating services, products, and experiences that genuinely benefit people and business. It has skyrocketed in popularity as organizations contend with more discerning consumers, more disruptive technologies, and more nimble competitors. Although Design Thinking is credited with fueling the success of numerous high profile products and services, it's straight-up revolutionary. Without intentional change work, organizations will fail to unlock the value of innovation, leading to stagnation - and much worse.

Learn what Design Thinking is all about. See precisely how it can spur innovation, regardless of team or industry. We'll review strategies and tactics Change Leaders can implement to unleash successful innovation while avoiding "innovation theater" and other traps. The bottom line? Change work is perhaps the most essential ingredient for innovating organizations, but it's missing in action too much of the time.

About Holly:

Holly Chasan-Young is an award-winning strategist, innovation coach and speaker. With her firm Wonderbolt Labs, Holly partners with organizations to expand and amplify their creativity and innovation practices in the name of future growth and success. Dubbed the "Customer Whisperer" and "Mary Poppins of Strategy," Holly serves as interim strategy officer for teams who are designing new (or reinventing existing) customer or employee-facing experiences, products and services.