Handling Change.png

We are in the midst of complex upheaval at the global and local level, which can be overwhelming.  Come learn some actionable steps you can take to cope during these trying times.


In this session, you will learn


  • Types of stress-related to change

  • What responses are coming from them

  • How to balance your reactions

  • Managing Resistance

  • Effective Coping Strategies

About Jason:

Jason R. Murphy is a technically sophisticated, award-winning human capital development leader with over 25+ years of experience in the learning field.  His educational background in organizational management and organizational psychology enables him to create and implement high-impact, state-of-the-art learning and development initiatives that improve the overall effectiveness of employees in the areas of leadership, productivity, performance, quality, sales, and service – delivering capabilities that increase competitive advantage for clients. 

Jason leads JRM Consulting, which partners with small, medium and large private and public organizations including Fortune 500, focusing on driving human capital development and creating a culture of development within organizations.