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ACMP SoCal partners with various accredited change management professional organizations to provide certification training and courses to prepare you to implement lasting and successful change in your workplace or practice.




The CCMP™ is a globally recognized credential established by ACMP for professionals to demonstrate their commitment to leading the way change works. The CCMP™ was developed based on ACMP’s industry-leading Standard for Change Management® (“The Standard”) that defines best practices in change management. 

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CCMP Recertification

Certification is in effect for three years following confirmation that you have passed the exam (the final step in the application process). Click here to sign up and renew your certification.





Enjoy hands-on learning in this immersive three-day experience, applying holistic change management methodologies and tools to one of your projects. During this three-day experiential session, you’ll apply Prosci’s methodology and ADKAR Model to one of your active projects.

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AIM Accredited Practitioner

The AIM Accreditation session is critical learning for Project Managers, HR/OD, IT, Org Effectiveness, and business and clinical leaders. For the fastest path to optimization, it’s ideal to have us come on-site and Accredit your core team, including key Sponsors.  We’ll tailor the session to your projects and you’ll “learn by doing,” so it’s not down-time—it’s work time!  Or come together to a public session.

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AIM Accredited Practitioner


jTask CCMP Prep

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Since 2015, we’ve been training our students virtually in how experienced change managers are using the ACMP® Standard for Change Management© to deliver real business change to their organizations. Our CCMP training is not a check-the-box training course just to allow you to pass your exam.

We teach you about the ACMP Standard, not a propriety model or methodology. Register today to start the process to obtain your CCMP professional certification.

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ChangeFit 360 Boot Camp

In this engaging, virtual-live training, participants raise their change management skills through a practical, results-oriented ACMP, ATD, ICF & SHRM Approved Program!   Using a case study and the ACMP Change Standard as a foundation, participants learn how to successfully plan and execute organizational change including how to apply behavior to trigger, action, and reinforce change, how to mitigate and manage change risks such as readiness, resistance and saturation and how to plan for and measure change adoption, proficiency, and sustainment!

Chapter Members save up to $650!

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