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Cheers to CHANGE San Diego '24!

Surfboards, sunshine, and a splash of transformational wisdom—this was the ACMP CHANGE San Diego conference vibe from February 29 through March 2nd. Hosted against the backdrop of Southern California's laid-back charm at the Town & Country Resort, this event brought together change management professionals from across the globe for three days of inspiration, innovation, and collaboration.

The tone for a great weekend was set early by an exclusive SoCal happy hour at Monkey Bar before the official opening reception. Change-a-ritas were shaken...and drank! We caught up with old friends and colleagues and met many new and exciting folks. We were stoked to see so many folks stop by our booths and offer their ideas to make our chapter

experience even better. Thank you to those who interacted with us and our fun boards!

Keynote speaker Erik Dominguez from Speak Up Stories kicked off the conference. He made waves with his dynamic talk on the power of confidence in navigating change. Drawing parallels between the courage to step into a big vision and catching the perfect wave, Erik encouraged attendees to embrace uncertainty, transform fear into fuel, and ride the waves of transformation with tenacity and integrity.

The conference buzzed with engaging workshops and presentations, covering various topics from agile change management to visual storytelling for organizational transformation to trauma-informed change. Attendees soaked up insights from industry leaders and thought-provoking discussions around AI and data, exchanging ideas and best practices to drive change and foster resilience in today's ever-evolving landscape.

As the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, attendees gathered for Dine Arounds, fostering connections and building relationships in true Southern California style. Against the backdrop of a golden sunset, the spirit of collaboration and community thrived, inspiring attendees to make waves of change in their organizations and beyond.

With its blend of inspiration, innovation, and beachside vibes, the ACMP CHANGE San Diego conference was a transformative experience. It left attendees ready to paddle out and ride the waves of change confidently and purposefully. As the conference ended, attendees departed with a renewed passion and purpose, ready to make a splash in their organizations and communities.

We're looking forward to next year!

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