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What We're Reading: The Creative Act by Rick Rubin

Photo of the book, The Creative Act by Rick Rubin

In his book "The Creative Act: A Way of Being," the legendary music producer Rick Rubin offers some profound wisdom not just for musicians but is surprisingly spot-on for change management pros. It's like finding that perfect chill spot on a sunny SoCal beach—unexpected but totally right.

Rubin dives deep into creativity, showing everyone has some creative spark inside. He talks a lot about staying mindful, open, and present, which resonates with change management: adapting smoothly and keeping your eye on where you're headed.

One excellent idea from Rubin that'll hit home for change managers is "listening deeply." It’s all about tuning into the quieter parts of your team, catching those low-key vibes that can lead to significant breakthroughs. It's not just about hearing what's up; it's about understanding the flow of ideas and energy in your team.

Let's discuss Rubin's view of failure. He embraces stumbles and falls because they're part of the ride. This is gold for anyone steering through change. It's about building a vibe where everyone feels cool trying new things and learning from what doesn’t work.

Rubin also keeps it honest by telling us to strip down to what matters. If you're managing change, this means cutting the clutter and focusing on what truly makes a difference. It's about keeping things streamlined so you can flex and flow as things shift.

Rick Rubin’s "The Creative Act" isn’t just a guide for the creatively inclined. It’s a playbook for anyone looking to lead with a fresh, adaptable, and resilient style. For those navigating the ever-changing business currents, this book is a must-grab. It’s like the perfect soundtrack for change management—laid-back but deeply insightful.

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