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Congratulations newly Prosci-certified change management practitioners ACMP SoCal!

We had the opportunity to help our ACMP SoCal members take advantage of a very successful ACMP SoCal exclusive Prosci certification program on January 16-18 this year.

Those that participated had many great thins to say; such as:


Debbie Robins: I found the Prosci training very relevant and well done. There were many learnings and practical applications of the Prosci methodology during the class that I will be able to use on my current project as well as future ones.

Sarah Nickerson: It was an intense 3 days, packed with learning, hands-on activities and collaboration. The instruction, materials and group discussions were very useful.The Prosci training and certification provides an excellent framework, tools and resources to organize and legitimize the type of change management work I’ve been doing for years. Additionally, the Prosci brand is well-recognized, giving the credential value.

Alan Wright: I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was a great session led by very knowledgeable instructors with a wonderful mix of classmates. It was a fun time learning about powerful change tools. The models and methods provide intuitively simple and useful plug-and-play tools for managing a change event.And since many clients are using the Prosci method, it allows you to use a shared language and methodology when working with the client, which keeps everyone on the same page as you successfully move through the phases of change.


Check out some of our photos from the event.


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