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Congratulations ACMP + Prosci Grads!

Change management certification came to LA for the second time this year! Prosci, in partnership with our ACMP SoCal Chapter, delivered their 3-day change management certification program on July 17-19. It was so exciting to see another 16 of our local professionals earn their change management certification, strengthen their change management skills and enhance their knowledge of what it takes to deliver successful change programs. Congratulations to our graduates! Our SoCal Chapter is fortunate to count these 16 individuals as members of ACMP.

Here's what a few of the participants said about the training:

“Excellent course! Upon conclusion of the course I feel I now have the necessary foundation and tools to successfully implement change management within my organization.” - Marie Vega

“I had underestimated the importance of taking real time to plan for change. Great tools and lively facilitation – thanks Prosci!”- Zoe Brandstater

“I am super impressed with the 3-day Prosci course and how I was able to learn about change management and how absolutely critical it is to the success of your project.” - Terra Van Andel

“The course was a great way to think about what change management is all about. It was very intense but at the same time it was full of practical tools we can use in our projects.”

- Jessica Villalobos

“Fantastic! I came in a skeptic and left converted! Surpassed my expectations!” - Mark E. Gritten ACMP SoCal thanks Prosci for their ongoing partnership to deliver this exclusive program, and RGP for their relentless support in providing a venue for the training.

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